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BOP hoisting and handling systems

For land rigs, jackups, semisubs, and drillships

Red BOP on a hoisting system

Our BOP handling equipment is designed to increase safety, adheres to recognized standards, and can be tailored to fit your requirements.


The Wrangler BOP handling system is a fast and efficient alternative to assembling the BOP stack on the wellhead. The system enables the BOP stack to be transported via truck in a single, manageable piece and then slid into place more safely compared with assembling the stack onsite.


The offshore BOP handling system provides efficient and automated handling of both BOPs and production trees. We develop the BOP handling system in close collaboration with the BOP design department to enhance your ultimate operational efficiency and speed. We customize handling systems for platforms, jackups, and floaters.

Red BOP on the Wrangler BOP handling system
Cameron BOP on the Wrangler BOP handling system.