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Annular BOP

Onshore BOP on a land rig.

Cameron DL high-pressure annular BOPs allow reliable performance in a shorter height and lighter weight than comparable annular BOPs.

The unique design of our DL BOP does not require wellbore assist. The annular can close on drillpipe or large tubulars without reducing operating pressure, which minimizes risk of indention or damage to casing.


Closing pressure forces the operating piston and pusher plate upward to displace the solid elastomer donut and force the packer to close inward.

As the packer closes, interlocking steel reinforcing inserts rotate inward to form a continuous support ring of steel at the top and bottom of the packer.

The inserts remain in contact with each other whether the packer is open, closed on pipe, or closed on open hole.

DL Annular BOP 3D rendering.


  • Quick-release top with a one-piece split lock ring permits quick packer changeout with no loose parts involved and provides visual indication of lock status 
  • Field replaceability of components subject to wear
  • Full removability of entire operating system for immediate changeout in the field
  • Twin seals separated by a vented chamber to positively isolate the BOP operating system from wellbore pressure
  • High-strength polymer bearing rings that prevent metal-to-metal contact and reduce wear between all moving parts of the operating system
  • Optional 3-in gas bleed port that runs from the ID to the OD
  • Compliance with NACE specification MR0175 for H2S service
Application Offshore (subsea and surface) and onshore
Bore sizes 7 1/16 in to 21 1/4 in
Working pressures
2,000 to 10,000 psi
Body styles Single and dual
Packer High-performance CAMULAR annular elastomer technology
Annular BOP