30-in Annular BOP | SLB


Annular BOP

Onshore BOP on a land rig.

The 30-in annular BOP controls wellbore pressure up to 1,000 psi to maintain safe operations. The 30-in diameter allows large pipe and casing to pass through. The single annular packing element can seal on any size pipe or no pipe, as with openhole operations.

Diverter capabilities

The 30-in annular can divert wellbore fluids of up to 1,000 psi away from the drilling area. The ability to use the annular as a diverter reduces equipment footprint and simplifies operations.

30-in Annular BOP


  • Large-bore drilling operations


  • Facilitates streamlined operations with simple, reliable construction
  • Accommodates a large range of casing sizes
  • Maximizes performance of larger-bore ram-type BOPs 
  • Operates independently of ram BOPs


  • Handling of sour flow of up to 5% H2S
  • Qualification to API Spec 16A
  • Temperature range from 30 to 180 degF [–1 to 82 degC]
  • Hydraulically operated piston
  • Single annular packing element that is able to seal on any size pipe or no pipe
  • Nominal passthrough of 30-in ID
  • Operating system of 1,500 psi [10.3 MPa]
  • R-95 inlaid ring groove on top and bottom connections
  • Top and bottom connections that can be changed to accommodate customer needs
  • Diverter that is bolted together for ease of manufacturing and servicing
  • No welding involved in manufacturing