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Drilling Services

Ensure optimal performance

Workers monitoring rig equipment in onsite control room.

Cameron services and supports all its equipment to ensure optimal performance.

Original equipment manufacturer (OEM)

As the OEM, our rigorous inspection standards enable traceability for improved quality and reliability.


Our expert engineers, field service technicians, and training specialists consult with customers to recommend the best service and support that meet customer need and maximize asset life.

Global presence

With personnel and facilities worldwide, we reduce operator downtime through 24/7 rapid response and efficient, high-quality service where it's needed, when it's needed.

Worker in monitoring center viewing data.
Two Cameron operators inspecting a red BOP

ProActive Drilling Asset Management Services

Drilling may not always be predictable, but your costs can be.

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Inspection services

  • Simple visual inspection
  • Certificates of Conformance (COCs)
  • Inspection of non-Cameron equipment

Maintenance services

  • Ad hoc field service
  • Dedicated field service
  • Asset Preservation Program for long-term storage and COC extension

Repair services

  • Spares
  • Testing

Optimization services

  • Upgrades and modifications

Product training

  • To suit customer requirements

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