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Drilling asset management services

Minimizing operational disruptions to flatten costs

Watch how planning recertifications through drilling asset management helps avoid spikes in related costs during periods of reduced earnings.

  • Dedicated repair and recertification slots and predictive equipment condition prognosis for improved turnaround time, forecastable budgets, and better planning and visibility
  • Document control and digital asset tracking curated by serial number for on-demand web access, organization, transparency, and history
  • Subject matter experts who partner with you and advise you on optimized maintenance workflows
  • Continuous recertification and repair services to reduce administration and wasted time
Recertifications Through Drilling Asset Management
ProActive services minimize operational disruptions to flatten costs.
Chart show years and dollars for ProActive services vs traditional models
ProActive services reduce the cost and time of repair, maintenance, and recertification by providing continuous access to advanced diagnostic tools and equipment data.
Chart show years and dollars for ProActive services vs traditional models

Drilling may not always be predictable, but your costs can be.

Predictability and consistency are key in the oil field, especially when you’re accountable for equipment condition and maintenance. That’s what our ProActive services provide you: technically superior maintenance and support that minimize operational disruptions on the rig and in the office. This helps you avoid spikes in costs and revenue losses caused by downtime during maintenance and recertification.

ProActive services deliver budgetary accuracy and consistency through an integrated asset management program that defines standard parts, maintenance, and certification. And a flat-rate service contract reduces the major financial burden of high service spends during periods of reduced earnings. Thousands of yearly quotes, purchase orders, administration tasks, and approvals become a single contract for total service delivery.

Drilling asset management services overview
How to Improve Consistency and Performance While Flattening Costs
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Maintenance Planning & Execution

  • Dedicated team that manages “in-between” well services and parts, driving material and field service personnel availability
  • Expert technical support to strengthen maintenance activity
  • Streamlined support network to reduce points of contact
  • Field service inspections to verify condition and assure quality
Product champion talking to a group

Parts Consumption & Optimization

  • Advanced long-term planning of maintenance and parts to ensure needed parts in time for the required operations
  • Drilling schedule forecasts to help secure better lead times on parts and reduce onboard inventory
  • Subject matter experts who learn your maintenance philosophy and recommend optimal maintenance activities, which can reduce parts consumption
Close-up of Cameron engineer inspecting a part

Capital Asset Support

  • Capital spares that are preserved until use, extending Certificates of Conformance dates and maximizing value from your assets
  • Ability to swap operating equipment with spares to reduce in-between well maintenance and increase rig uptime
  • Preservation for warm and cold stacking to adapt to changing needs in operations
Cameron worker inspecting red BOPs

Digital Solutions

Connect IQ drilling equipment life cycle management services provide digital tools that streamline equipment maintenance workflows, ensuring the right maintenance is performed at the right time. With Connect IQ services, you can
  • remotely view equipment condition and performance metrics
  • receive smart notifications to trigger workflows
  • uncover trend data for analysis and reporting.
OnTrack integrated drilling controls system integrates various types of drilling equipment and processes into one system. This provides the driller and assistant driller with optimal monitoring and controls, together with key decision-making informatio
person holding an ipad displaying a rig schematic

Traditional Rig Services

Rig upgrade services
  • Engineering services
  • Rig survey
  • Project management
  • Project execution
  • Dedicated service technicians
24/7 response
  • Cameron subject matter experts
  • Global capabilities and bases
  • Troubleshooting with on-call technical support
  • Trend observation and diagnostics of equipment performance
Cameron team reviewing paperwork onsite
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