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Integrated drilling controls system

Closeup of a computer screen showing the OnTrack System
Flowchart of the OnTrack System integration
OnTrack system integration.

With the OnTrack integrated drilling controls system, various types of drilling equipment and processes can be integrated into one system. This provides the driller and assistant driller with optimal monitoring and controls, together with key decision-making information. The integrated system ensures that all control systems from other suppliers fit together correctly and are integrated properly.

  • OnTrack C-Net and OnTrack I-Net high-speed communications networks enable data exchange at high rates.
  • OnTrack MI machinery interface system ensures interfaceability with virtually any third-party system on the market.
  • OnTrack Explorer drilling analysis workstation is used to access real-time and historical data from the OnTrack system server.
  • OnTrack Tubular Interlock tubular equipment monitoring system increases personnel safety and uptime and prevents unintentional drop of tubulars.
  • OnTrack ZM drill floor zone management system enables communication with other systems to help detect and avoid collisions between drill floor equipment.
  • OnTrack DrillPilot single-operator drilling controls system causes the entire drilling operation to act as one system rather than several individual machines, enabling a single operator to control multiple drilling machines.
  • Cameron drilling parameter sensors allow any type of sensor to be supplied as part of our package.
  • OnTrack SoftTorque top drive anti-stick/slip software eliminates stick/slip, improves the wellbore, reduces wear and tear on downhole tools, and improves steerable system performance.
  • OnTrack DM drilling management system makes drilling data generated on the rig available anywhere and ultimately allows “drill from the beach” capability.
  • OnTrack Historian real-time drilling activity recorder records all drilling activity, equipment, alarms, and events data generated on the rig in real time to a time and depth series database.
  • OnTrack AWD analysis-while-drilling software consists of several real-time algorithms used to assist and guide the driller during drilling operations by computing parameters such as WOB, ROP, stands in hole, hole depth, mud tank volumes, mud flow, and more.