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Published: 12/10/2019

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We sat down with Devin McBride to learn more about the new ProActive services that manage drilling equipment condition and performance while helping to eliminate unscheduled or variable spending for equipment owners.

What are some challenges facing drilling equipment owners today?

Securing contracts and day-rate pricing pressure are the biggest challenges facing our customers. Once these hurdles are cleared, there is added pressure to get operations up and running quickly and efficiently, to be sure that they deliver high performance with minimal disruptions.

This is where drilling asset management helps deliver value. Our solutions provide superior equipment performance and operational efficiencies so that cutomers—operators—can focus on the drilling part.

Can you tell us more about these disruptions that drive down efficiency or uptime?

It’s not that these disruptions are all unplanned. Drilling equipment owners need to manage periodic recertification, maintenance, and repairs from time to time as well as unplanned nonproductive time. The traditional approach to managing the planned activities waits for the next estimated maintenance repair time, hoping the downtime event tracks with what was budgeted—both in terms of costs and time. This is where the spikes come in—full magnitude is the variable. Not every downtime event follows the plan—conditions arise requiring a sudden large spend. And then there’s getting the right parts and personnel to the right location at the right time so that drilling can continue. Consequently, disruptions occur that can exceed budgeted time and costs, which also impacts revenues. The ultimate question is: By how much and for how long?

Unless there is a continuous feed of current equipment status, there is no way to accurately dial in on the right time to address issues beforehand. But owners can take charge of the situation and escape the cycles of inconsistency.

Chart show years and dollars for ProActive services vs traditional models
Figure 1. ProActive services: cost consistency, predictability, and savings.
Chart show years and dollars for ProActive services vs traditional models

How can owners flatten out their costs and achieve consistency?

To flatten out the spikes means finding a way to be in continuous compliance with recertification, as well as constant equipment monitoring for up-to-the-minute current status. A well-thought-out asset management program will do exactly that—provide continuous access to advanced diagnostic tools and data from the owner’s equipment. Such access is incorporated into ProActive drilling asset management services via Connect IQ drilling equipment life cycle management services, along with 24/7 access to our drilling equipment SMEs for remote technical support and for troubleshooting the toughest inquiries. The program also ensures the right parts and equipment are where they need to be when they need to be there. And it’s all tied together through a simple, known flat rate.

How does the digital support work?

Partnering with Cameron means the integrated asset management program can provide round-the-clock tracking of their equipment by a software suite used to control the maintenance planning and information flow of each asset.

Owners can engage with collaborative Cameron rig teams, technical support teams, and SMEs. Our people collaborate to verify equipment operating parameters, troubleshoot concerns, and monitor current operating conditions.

How does the rest of the program work?

We also help owners reduce cost and administrative complexity by handling thousands of yearly line-item RFQs, quotes, approvals, and POs with a single contract for total service delivery. Further, the agreement also gives owners a level of budget accuracy, predictability, and consistency not experienced in traditional equipment supplier–owner relationships. Owners have locked-in cost control and reliable drilling equipment availability for many years. And they secure improved turnaround time, forecastable budgets, and better planning.

Cameron SMEs advise and partner with owners to optimize maintenance philosophy, to gain further savings and uptime revenues. Owners have done well by implementing these Cameron service innovations that use continuous monitoring and advanced planning practices.

How effective is such a program?

Our programs have shown up to 75% reduction in downtime for drilling equipment. That quickly translates into monetary gains through increased uptime.

Why Cameron?

Owners need competent, agile, adaptable, and responsive advice and support. ProActive services fulfill that, providing proper maintenance and support aimed at minimizing operational disruptions while providing technically superior services on the rig and in the office. From shop or field OEM certifications to inspection and testing, we are trained in robust processes to ensure that owners’ equipment is continually certified for optimal operational availability.

We excel in rig-based recertifications and ongoing innovation in maintenance methodology, such as our Continuous Certification Program (CCP). These enable a significant portion of the certification process to be performed onboard the rig and with significantly less equipment disassembly, saving time and creating more value for the owner.

How do owners begin?

We look forward to listening and understanding your challenges, and together we’ll develop a flexible, fully customizable equipment, parts, and service package. We'll agree on standard parts, maintenance, and recertification. Additionally, predefined levels of service availability, clear cost structures, and known response times will be discussed and agreed upon.

Now the dramatic peaks and troughs of servicing spend are flattened and filled by standardizing service, maintenance, and certification inclusions. Operational disruptions and losses are minimized, ensuring more rig uptime and reduced risk. All of this is done with performance-based financial alignment in mind.

What is performance-based financial alignment?

This suite of services delivered by a dedicated team creates mutual success by incentivizing the results that are most important to the owner. We work with owners to identify their most critical performance factors and align performance incentives with these in our partnership agreement.

Any last thoughts?

I would say to the equipment owners: Let’s partner to minimize disruptions and unexpected costs for your specific mission-critical operations. We can help you achieve success with a collaborative approach using flat-fee maintenance and recertification, with high-quality parts, service, and teams of dedicated personnel who are here for you, 24/7. Why not start today? Give us a call.

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