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Published: 07/28/2020

Employees using real-time monitoring to look at data from the field.
Connect IQ
Drilling equipment life cycle management services

In the past, equipment maintenance has been calendar-based and in some cases based on the total number of operating cycles or the number of operating hours rather than on the actual condition of the equipment.

This often leads to unnecessary interruption of operations in order to perform maintenance and to replace consumable items that still have a significant amount of useful life left.

A modern approach to equipment upkeep is condition-based maintenance. This method employs the use of measurements of actual equipment condition, performance, and operational context to determine the need for and the best time to perform inspection and service, ultimately improving equipment reliability while maximizing uptime.

Connect IQ drilling equipment life cycle management services are a part of our digital drilling solutions and enable you to conduct condition-based maintenance on your Cameron pressure control and rig equipment.

Sensors fitted to our pressure control and rig equipment deliver insight into the health of that equipment to both the rig and town to facilitate improved proactive support.

Diagnostic views provide performance and condition insights enabling enhanced troubleshooting and proactive planning for maintenance activities.

Connect IQ services reduce unplanned and planned downtime to maximize your operational time by ensuring you perform the right maintenance at the right time.

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