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KUDU drivehead

Hydraulic or electric power system for PCP installations


Deliver reliable horsepower in PCP operations

KUDU hydraulic or electric driveheads are specifically designed for progressing cavity pump (PCP) installations in heavy to light oil, gas dewatering, and thermal operations. These driveheads are either a vertical shaft, bearing box type, or a right-angle drive gearbox type. Ranging up to 200 horsepower, the KUDU driveheads are proven performers available in four models and meet critical safety and environmental standards.

Maximize production with hydraulic or electric power options

  • VHGH-9.3T—Most compact and high-capacity unit in our drivehead offering. Capable of transferring up to 1,600 ft.lbf torque. Secure, reliable, and operator friendly.
  • VH 60-hp 9.3T—Contains an internal pump assembly that eliminates external brake lines, reducing the possibility of leaks and environmental contamination. Designed for rodstring loads up to 9.3 tons [20,503 lbm]. Handles up to 60 hp [45 kW].
  • VH 100-hp 13.7 or 22.8T—Simple design. Rated for 13.7-ton [30,200-lbm] and 22.8-ton [50,300-lbm] axial load capacities. Delivers up to 100 hp [75 kW].
  • VH 200-hp 22.8T—Most powerful of our product line. Delivers up to 200 hp [145 kW] with 22.8 tons of axial load. Lets you run our highest-volume PCP.
KUDU driveheads.
KUDU driveheads.

Improve energy efficiency and safety with a permanent magnet motor (PMM) surface drive system

The system comprises a direct-drive permanent magnet motor that provides the driving force for a PCP; a control system that enables starting, stopping, and full forward and backward management of the motor. The PMM system saves energy with up to 96% efficiency as compared to traditional induction motors with only 85% efficiency. The PMM system also improves safety and simplifies maintenance with fewer exposed moving parts and with no belts or sheaves.

The system is operated by either basic control panel or multifunction KUDU Pump Manager well optimization unit. The control panel can be outfitted to display the input current from an independent ampere meter and the speed by revolution meter.


KUDU permanent magnet motor PMM drivehead