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SELECT Hg Mercury Removal Adsorbents

Mercury removal from natural gas and crude oil

Production chemicals

Efficiently eliminate mercury from gas and liquid streams

SELECT Hg mercury removal adsorbents are advanced materials that function effectively in a wide variety of gas and liquid streams, including condensates, LNG, and natural gas. These fast-reacting adsorbents are engineered using enhanced porosity control for improved activity. They facilitate greater flexibility in system design to provide the smallest possible equipment footprint and lower capex. Absence of moving parts means little-to-no operator attention is required. 

Treatment vessel containing SELECT Hg mercury removal adsorbent bed.
Process flow diagram for mercury removal from gas by using SELECT Hg adsorbent.

Cost-effective solutions, efficient operation

The contaminated feed flows through the adsorbent bed, where the mercury chemically reacts with the media. Product consumption depends only on the amount of mercury that passes through, economically matching the need for mercury removal with variations in system flow conditions. If these parameters are constant, system performance is very predictable.

Metal-oxide-based chemistry is used to remove mercury from gaseous streams that contain sufficient H2S for in situ sulfiding; metal-sulfide-based chemistry is used when an inadequate amount of H2S is present. These individually formulated products react with elemental mercury to form cinnabar—mercuric sulfide—reducing mercury to extremely low levels.

A single vessel can be used, but a lead-lag configuration provides the greatest operating flexibility, enabling continuous production while media is replaced. The flexibility of the treatment process enables the system to adapt to changes in operating conditions, often without additional capital equipment or retrofitting.

All our adsorbents are nonpyrophoric and straightforward to handle in both unreacted and ready-for-disposal forms. Disposal routes are well established.

Superior quality control and customized support

Products are manufactured to stringent quality specifications. Customized software modeling and performance predictability enable optimal system design and operation for each application, supported by highly trained personnel at every stage. Our tailored support ranges from basic media provision through to a fully engineered technical solution comprising system design, media supply, detailed engineering, fabrication package, equipment supply, and spent-media handling.