Enhanced sidewall coring solution

3D render of the side view os SureRock sidewall coring focusing on the cutter

Recover the unrecoverable.

Historically, sidewall coring in certain environments has been difficult to accomplish. Unconsolidated formations, hard and abrasive environments, and extreme overbalanced conditions each pose operational challenges—until now.

SureRock™ enhanced sidewall coring solution improves core recovery in reservoirs previously deemed impossible and revolutionizes how to analyze those cores when recovered to surface. Using advanced digital capabilities, all this data can then be integrated into your reservoir model to better understand your reservoir’s geology, accelerate your field development plan (FDP), and ultimately maximize your reservoir’s performance.

How Enhanced Sidewall Coring Improves Field Development
Be efficient. Be accurate. Be sure.
  • Reducing subsurface uncertainty to optimize your FDP
  • Understanding reservoir producibility to estimate reserves
  • Improving well construction and completion design
  • Calibrating logs
  • Assessing containment for carbon sequestration

Why SureRock solution? It sets a new coring benchmark.

3D render of the side view os SureRock sidewall coring.
SureRock enhanced sidewall coring solution tool.

Reliable core samples

The large SureRock solution core samples provide comprehensive geomechanics. The rock sample, combined with digital special core analysis (SCAL) help reduce evaluation uncertainty, improve reservoir predictability, and enhance reservoir deliverability.

Automated coring sequences to optimize coring efficiency and performance
Turbo shaft attached to the coring bit for improved cuttings evacuation
Static sleeve attached to the coring bit to preserve core integrity
Real-time readout of core retrieval performance
Optimized core retention speed to improve recovery to surface