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Sidewall Coring

The efficient way to sample your reservoir

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Understand the reservoir rock and its fluid contents

Complementing logging and wireline formation testing, sidewall coring is a faster, cost-effective alternative to conventional cores and avoids the ambiguity introduced by the depth uncertainty of drill cuttings.

Rotary sidewall cores are recovered with miniature diamond-tipped drill bits that preserve the rock pore structure when they cut a round plug of the formation directly from the borehole wall. Because rock integrity is maintained, a wealth of geological, geomechanical, and petrophysical data can be obtained through laboratory analysis of the sidewall cores.

XL-Rock large volume rotary coring service

Sidewall cores provide information about your reservoir rock properties that is not otherwise readily available.

Drillstring and Sidewall Coring
Acquiring cores using drillpipe and wireline

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