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Mechanical sidewall coring tool

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Efficient sidewall recovery at an average of 3 to 5 minutes per core

The MSCT mechanical sidewall coring tool reliably recovers up to 50 sidewall core samples in a single trip. Optional configurations can recover up to 75 cores or 20 core-catcher samples.

20,000- or 25,000-psi pressure rating
350-degF temperature rating

Confirmed sample acquisition

The real-time display at the logging unit confirms proper tool operation and sample acquisition. The MSCT tool is run in combination with a gamma ray tool to correlate with openhole logs for accurate, real-time depth control of the coring points. Each sample is isolated in the tool for positive identification, and a summary output at surface lists all samples with the exact depth and time that each was taken.

Preserved sample integrity

Because sidewall cores can be drilled from a wide variety of lithologies—hard, brittle igneous rocks to friable sandstones, cemented carbonates, and ductile shale plays—they avoid the damage associated with percussion coring tools.

MSCT mechanical sidewall coring tool