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Core Interpretation Services

Geological answers that enhance the value of data acquisition

Image generated by Core Interpretive Services.
Core interpretive services facility.

Schlumberger petrotechnical experts with field experience and geology interpretation expertise use proprietary workflows to deliver geological answers and enhance the value of data acquisition.

Although there is significant value in data from individual core analysis procedures, the true value comes from integration of initially the core data and subsequently logging and seismic data. Our petrotechnical experts can further advance understanding by building you a high-resolution model from the integrated data. This comprehensive interpretation approach reduces risk through informed decision making.

InterAct rig

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InterACT global connectivity, collaboration, and information service lets you monitor and manage wellsite information from the office or the road.

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Comprehensive analysis of subsurface data

Our domain experts can integrate structural, textural, compositional, and geomechanical information from core, logging, and seismic data. For example, a comparison can be made between the stress orientation indicated by the fast shear azimuth from a dipole sonic tool versus the stress orientation indicated by borehole images or measured in the laboratory.

Detailed facies analysis can be performed by combining the petrographic core analysis with high-resolution borehole image data and magnetic resonance or the mineralogy from the laboratory or a pulsed neutron spectroscopy tool.