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Wellsite Fluid Analysis

Accurate, representative fluids data for rapid informed decisions

Time-sensitive analysis of surface and subsurface samples

The earlier you can understand reservoir fluid properties during field development, the better you can effectively and more cost-efficiently meet many challenges, including optimizing reservoir models, selecting completion materials and strategies, and designing process and production facilities.

Our wellsite chemistry services enable evaluating fluid properties during wireline sampling, well test operations, or production monitoring to provide real-time fluids data at flowing conditions and early measurement of time-sensitive components, such as sulfur species.

Female lab technician testing for faster, more reliable analysis of sulfur compounds
Automatic titration following ASTM International UOP 212 procedures allows for faster, more reliable analysis of sulfur compounds.

Wellsite fluids evaluation can be the only way to obtain reliable information on critical trace elements, such as mercury content in gas.

Male technician operating the fully portable MicroGC with an integrated thermal conductivity detector
The fully portable MicroGC with an integrated thermal conductivity detector enables quick and accurate measurement of C₁–C₇ hydrocarbons, CO₂, N₂, and H₂S down to 50 ppm.

Insight on the unstable nonhydrocarbon components

Reservoir fluids can contain nonhydrocarbon components in varying quantities, such as H2S and other sulfur species, and elements such as mercury and radon, exposure to which carries serious HSE and environmental risks. Many of these compounds are also highly reactive with tubing, facilities, and other materials, undergoing rapid and irreversible alterations. This means that transporting fluid samples for offsite laboratory analysis can lead to unreliable results.

We provide a better approach to support your operational success: immediately analyzing or preserving samples for future analysis, right at the well site.

The integrated approach to wellsite and laboratory analysis

Our wellsite chemistry services begin with standardized and industry-recognized procedures augmented with the latest technologies and dedicated workflows to consistently deliver representative fluid data. Our teams of reservoir experts receive intensive customized training in wellsite chemistry field operations, drawing on our decades of field experience and internal reliability tests.

Field operations are supported by our global network of Schlumberger Reservoir Laboratories and unparalleled fluids domain expertise. Our every effort focuses on obtaining representative, fit-for-purpose, high-quality data to increase your certainty in determining the best development plan at the earliest possible stage.

Lab equipment used in the wellsite labratory service.
Field-proven, industry-standard Sir Galahad equipment is used to detect mercury content in gas down to 1-ng/m₃ concentration levels.