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Fluid Field Services

Acquisition, preparation, and handling to maintain representative samples

Oil splash

Reliable downhole and surface fluid sampling

Maintain representative fluid samples through reliable acquisition, preparation, and handling of both surface and downhole sampling.

Water-sample acquisition

We provide full water-sample acquisition to support our wellsite and laboratory analysis services. Operations are supported by expert staff who advise on sample capture, preservation, shipping, and analytical methodologies.

Sample and data security

Quantitative analysis begins with strict QA/QC processes to deliver representative, accurate, and reliable laboratory data at every stage of operations.

Samples are strictly managed to global standards for ensuring both the physical sample and information security, including sample capture, unique barcode labeling, identification, dangerous goods transportation, regulatory compliance, and tracking. These measures are applied at the wellsite, during transport, and in the laboratory.

Subsequent restoration and validation follow unique reliable workflows to maintain sample integrity.

Employee checking sample canisters  in warehouse
We strictly manage acquisition, preparation, and handling to global standards, ensuring both the physical sample and information security.