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Wellsite Chemistry Services

Accurate, representative fluids data at the wellsite

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Understand reservoir fluid properties early on for better-informed, rapid decision making.

The sooner you reduce uncertainty, the better

Wellsite chemistry services enable you to evaluate fluid properties during wireline sampling, well test operations, and production monitoring by providing real-time fluids data for reservoir characterization at flowing conditions. Many components of reservoir fluids are time sensitive, such as sulfur species. In many cases, chemical evaluation at the wellsite is the only possible way to obtain reliable information on trace components such as mercury content in gas.

We integrate standard, industry-recognized procedures with the latest technologies and dedicated workflows to consistently deliver representative fluid data. Our teams of reservoir experts at the wellsite are extensively trained and supported by the global network of Schlumberger Reservoir Laboratories and our unparalleled fluids domain expertise to expedite the reliable analysis you need to be certain.

Wellsite Chemistry Services