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TerraTek TRA

Tight rock analysis service

TerraTek TRA service eliminates artifacts due to stress release microfractures, allowing for more accurate determination of petrophysical properties.

Evaluate reservoir and completion quality to maximize unconventional reservoir productivity.

TerraTek TRA tight rock analysis service provides detailed core measurements of rock permeability, porosity, and fluid saturation in challenging tight gas shales and other unconventional reservoirs.

By evaluating reservoir and completion quality, TerraTek TRA service helps determine the fundamental requirements for successful gas production. As a result, well productivity is maximized and recovery is increased after a thorough investigation of vertical and lateral heterogeneity, fracturability, and rock-fluid sensitivity along the wellbore.

Modeling of integrated datasets

Tight Rock Analysis Primer Course

Learn how a comprehensive evaluation of tight gas shale plays help accurately characterize your reservoir and optimize completions.

Our primer course for TerraTek TRA tight rock analysis service provides insight on how tight rock analysis can be used to predict gas productivity potential, analyze fracture containment, determine the best drilling and completion strategies, and map productive units across the basin using wireline logs.

This one-day course takes place at our training facilities or at the customer’s location of choice and is taught by leading rock mechanics experts.
Session 1: Introduction
Overview; Importance of tight gas reservoirs; Principal challenges and objectives

Session 2: Coring and early laboratory measurements
Core acquisition and preservation; Onsite desorption; Laboratory isotherm measurements

Session 3: Geologic description, strength profiling, and fracture analysis
Core description; Petrologic analysis; Continuous strength profiling; Fracture analysis

Session 4: Reservoir and mechanical properties

Petrophysical properties; Mechanical properties; Continuous profiles of measured properties

Session 5: Geophysical and engineering analysis
Cluster analysis; Log-based model for prediction of properties; Preevaluation of log data for core interval or sidewall plug selection; Propagation of the model at well and basin scale