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Give your core samples the rock star treatment with Schlumberger Reservoir Laboratories.
Core samples

Abu Dhabi rock analysis services

The Schlumberger Reservoir Laboratory in Abu Dhabi, UAE, is a state-of-the-art rock analysis laboratory supporting customers in the Middle East and Asia. The laboratory offers the most complete rocks analysis hub in the UAE, providing unique, specialized services in geomechanics and unconventional workflows that are vital for regional targets in exploration and development. Industry-leading workflows and technologies for wellsite core collection and processing include special core analysis (SCAL), geomechanics, geochemistry, petrology, and digital rock modeling.

Fluid inclusion stratigraphy analysis

In addition to rock analysis for conventional and unconventional resources, the Abu Dhabi laboratory is the first location outside of North America to offer a full suite of proprietary fluid inclusion stratigraphy (FIS) analysis technology, including microthermometry. Customers also have access to CoreFlow digital rock and fluid analytics services supported by proprietary direct hydrodynamic (DHD) simulation to optimize various aspects of field development planning.

The Abu Dhabi laboratory is the first location outside of North America to offer FIS analysis, which is based on mass spectrometry and automated cuttings analysis.

Lab worker in lab.

The Dubai fluids laboratory is one of our hub labs. It can handle fully integrated scopes of work, from standard PVT analysis to any advanced scope required, such as flow assurance, EOR, and geochemistry. It is the most complete and most equipped fluids service lab in the Middle East and Africa.

Inside of the Abu Dhabi laboratory

Dubai reservoir fluid services

Since its founding, the Schlumberger Reservoir Laboratory in Dubai, UAE, has met a variety of challenges related to reservoir fluid studies from Middle East and far-east fields. The main aspects of those projects relate to high-H2S concentrations, organic solids precipitation and deposition, heavy liquids, and increasing enhanced oil recovery (EOR) implementation. The multinational and multidisciplinary laboratory staff aligns its priorities with global objectives and focuses on safely performing operations while securely delivering quality data.

The Dubai laboratory is an integral part of the Schlumberger fluids community. Process standardization, personnel development, and expertise sharing enable the reservoir laboratory to continuously increase operational efficiency. The recent addition of cutting-edge petroleum geochemistry and water capabilities, supported by expert staff, further solidifies the laboratory’s role as the Middle East technology hub for the Schlumberger global network of reservoir laboratories.