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Modular formation dynamics tester

modular formation dynamics tester

The basis of actionable measurements: Quantified fluid purity

The MDT modular formation dynamics tester makes real-time flowline resistivity measurements at the probe module to discriminate between formation fluids and filtrate from water- and oil-based muds. Until an acceptably low level of contamination can be recovered, formation fluid is excluded from sample recovery.

In additional to resistivity measurement, numerous modules can be integrated with the MDT tester for optical monitoring, from a single absorption spectrometer through comprehensive analysis at reservoir conditions by the InSitu Fluid Analyzer real-time downhole fluid analysis system.

25,000-psi pressure rating
350-degF temperature rating

Built-in flexibility and modularity help you understand your reservoir more efficiently.

You can’t measure what you can’t acquire.

To meet your fluid acquisition challenges, a wide variety of probes can be fitted to the MDT tester, including Quicksilver Probe focused fluid extraction and Saturn 3D radial probe.

In conjunction with DFA, the faster collection of more-representative samples gives you real-time understanding of hydrocarbon properties at reservoir PVT conditions while the MDT tester is still in the borehole. Your formation testing program can be easily modified as real-time data warrants to avoid extended subsequent production testing or lengthy additional PVT laboratory work.

MDT modular formation dynamics tester
MDT modular formation dynamics tester

Access low-permeability, laminated, and fractured formations: Dual-packer module

Fitted with the dual-packer module (MRPA), the MDT tester effectively isolates a larger interval of the borehole for conducting a mini-DST or mini-frac testing and fluid sampling.

  • In low-permeability formations, the typical high drawdown is avoided with only a minimal pressure drop while measuring permeability at a radius of tens of feet.
  • In finely laminated formations, permeable streaks can be straddled instead of trying to locate them with a probe.
  • In fractured formations, the MRPA can usually seal the interval to enable testing.

Reliable performance: setting and retracting

The MRPA consists of two inflatable high-performance packer elements that effectively seal against the borehole wall to isolate up to an 11-ft interval. The asymmetrical packer design reduces sticking and bulging potential, and operational reliability is further enhanced by the autoretract mechanism (ARM). The ARM applies a longitudinal tensile force to assist in retracting the packers after deflation, in turn minimizing drag.

Horizontal and vertical permeability: Dual-probe module

The dual-probe module (MRPS) of the MDT tester has two back-to-back probes, mounted 180° apart for determining horizontal and vertical permeability and conducting vertical interference testing to determine near-wellbore permeability anisotropy

MDT modular formation dynamics tester


The extensive modularity of the MDT modular formation dynamics tester makes it easily configurable to achieve your formation evaluation goals. Our reservoir evaluation experts meet with you to design the module arrangement and specify test procedures from the wide variety of productivity and permeability tests along with fluid extraction and sampling, usually achievable in a single run of the toolstring. We monitor in situ pressure and fluid measurements in real time to ensure that the job objectives are met. Our multidisciplinary interpretation experts then work with you as needed to leverage this powerful data, such as building predictive reservoir fluid models to determine compositional gradation and reservoir connectivity across the field.

The InSitu Fluid Analyzer system can be deployed as an MDT tester module for obtaining a comprehensive set of fluid measurements at reservoir conditions, spanning direct indicators of fluid sample purity to extensive DFA, for even more answers from a single run of the MDT formation tester.

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