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Reservoir pressure-while-logging service

PressureXpress service delivers fast, accurate pressure and mobility measurements


Fast, accurate pressure and mobility measurements on the first logging run

The PressureXpress™ reservoir pressure-while-logging service brings new efficiency to formation pressure testing by significantly reducing both the time and risk involved with multifunction formation testers that also collect fluid samples. During the first logging run, PressureXpress service delivers real-time data in a fraction of the acquisition time. By focusing on pressure measurement, operations are reliable and efficient. Minimized setting and retracting times streamline survey cycles.

The dynamically controlled enhanced pretest system incorporated in PressureXpress service gives precise control of volume and drawdown rates. You’ll achieve drawdown and buildup profiles with greater precision than possible with conventional hydraulic technology.

Measurements in under 1 min

PressureXpress service reduces the pressure testing process to less than a minute in most cases—quickly generating a reservoir pressure survey for connectivity analysis, a pressure gradient for fluid density and fluid contact information, and mobility and permeability data to aid in sampling-point selection.

Automated pretests in one click

Accelerate pretest data acquisition with a simplified and intelligent workflow that predicts pressure test validity in real time. Our pretest workflows use local conditions to deliver formation pressures faster—and with more assurance.

Turn insights into action

Data from PressureXpress service are the basis for accurate pressure profiles and mobility measurements that you can integrate with petrophysical, seismic, and conventional log data for a more complete reservoir picture.

Redefine what’s possible in cement evaluation with connected, intelligent system-level optimization.

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Enabled by Wellbore Insights on Delfi™

Often, the clear picture from wellbore data only appears once processed data are put into context. Sometimes you don’t know if you met your data-acquisition objectives until after the window of opportunity has passed. Other times, you may be waiting on an answer to plan your next operational steps. Wellbore Insights on Delfi™ provides advanced interpretation and contextualization of data in real time, so you can make better, faster decisions. Interpretation workflows that took days are now completed in hours.

Digitally Enabled Operations to Improve Reservoir Performance
SLB digital operations fast-track insights from wellbore data so you can make decisions when they matter most.
  • High-quality pressure and mobility measurements on the first logging run
  • Pressure profiles and mobility measurements to combine with petrophysical, seismic, and conventional log data to develop a static reservoir model
  • Fracture stimulation design in formations targeted for multilevel or stage fracturing operations
  • Delineation of uneconomic zones to avoid during fracturing
  • Gradient and fluid contacts for mobility profiling
  • Reservoir depletion monitoring

20,000 psi

Max. pressure

450 degF

Max. temperature

<1 min

Typical measurement time

Minimize sticking risk

The slim OD and profile of PressureXpress pressure-while-logging service greatly reduce the risk of sticking. The eccentered tool shape, combined with a slight overbalance in setting force by the backup anchoring pistons, ensures an integral 1/2-in standoff from the formation during pretesting.

The smooth exterior profile also minimizes mudcake scraping during conveyance of PressureXpress service. There are no external tool angles over 20°.

Withstand high temperatures

The extensive qualification process for PressureXpress and PressureXpress-HT™ high-temperature reservoir pressure service was conducted at a system level for the entire tool, as well as testing of individual components and subassemblies. The mission profile is reliable tool operations under the full operational and environmental load, including temperatures up to 300 degF and 450 degF, respectively. The HT dual-flask design protects the electronic components from high temperatures, providing superior thermal stability and enabling an extended holding time of 14 h at 450 degF.

Graph of PressureXpress service drawdown pretest.