Dual-Packer Geothermal Fracture Test | SLB

Powerful new dual-packer system enables geothermal fracturing where previous technology was ineffective

Published: 02/02/2023

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Downhole stress testing at greater limits

Forecasting subsurface geothermal energy extraction capability requires knowledge of in situ stresses and fracture breakdown pressure. To acquire this data, SLB uses the MDT modular formation dynamics tester for downhole stress testing. Faced with high-pressure fracturing requirements on one Northeastern US project, SLB introduced its new high-pressure dual-packer system, rated to 10,000-psi differential pressure.

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Previous technology could not break down the formation, but the new SLB high-pressure wireline dualpacker system achieved the stress test objectives. The chart shows how the pressure was ramped up in cycles until breakdown pressure was achieved at 11,000 psi (~6.400-psi differential pressure). Successive fracture propagation and falloff cycles were performed once breakdown was achieved.
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