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InSitu Geomechanical Profiling

Building a real-time and precise representation of your mechanical earth model

InSitu Geomechanical Profiling

Mitigate risks across the well life cycle and beyond

Having a comprehensive understanding of your mechanical earth model (MEM) is essential to mitigate risks, no matter your application—from well construction to production and even CO2 injection and storage. To better understand the MEM, SLB provides a unique end-to-end solution that integrates both digital capabilities and state-of-the-art hardware to deliver a real-time and precise representation of the MEM. Part of InSitu™ downhole quantitative properties measurements, the InSitu Geomechanical Profiling workflow covers the initial MEM creation and first estimate of geomechanical stresses to planning measurements to calibrating the MEM. InSitu Geomechanical Profiling provides a zonal assessment of both caprock and reservoir layers, with each layer tested individually rather than a bulk value provided for the entire well section.

InSitu downhole quantitative properties measurements
Learn how geomechanical profiling gives you more confidence in your reservoir injectivity operations and field development.

How it works

First, SLB leverages geophysical logs—such as sonic data, images, and petrophysics—and available calibration data from coring and geology to build an initial geomechanical model. We then help you select the best testing location using the inputs of the MEM into planning software and provide a chance of success based on a suite of advanced hardware. This includes our dual-packer system, the highest-rated commercially available system with injection pressure of up to 10,000 psi to measure when the breakdown pressure and closure pressure are reached. Using our digital infrastructure, this initial measurement can be used to update the MEM in real time and reassess and optimize the next testing location. This process is repeated until the full zone has been tested and a calibrated geomechanical model is available.

Ora platform dual packer
High-pressure dual-packer system rated to 10,000-psi differential pressure.
InSitu Geomechanical Profiling
An accurate measurement of in situ stress gives you more confidence in your field development.
  • Well construction
    • Optimizing drilling targets
    • Minimizing sidetracks
  • Production
    • Optimizing hydraulic fracture design
    • Minimizing depletion and sinking
  • Injection and storage
    • Optimizing fields with steam or water injection
    • Optimizing carbon capture and sequestration (CCS) or other underground gas storage
    • Optimizing nuclear waste disposal
  • Zonal assessment of both caprock and reservoir layers
  • Downhole measurement of minimum principal stress, enabling calibration of the MEM
  • Combined digital features with state-of-the-art hardware for accurate representation of the MEM in real time