MDT Forte and MDT Forte-HT

Rugged and high-temperature modular formation dynamics testers

MDT modular formation dynamics tester

Extensively qualified for formation testing your most challenging environments

The MDT Forte and Forte-HT rugged and HT modular formation dynamics testers are engineered and proven qualified to tolerate excessive vibration at all stages of use, including downhole at extreme temperatures.

Overcoming the conventional fragility of electronics when operating in tough logging conditions means that you get accurate pressure measurements and high-purity downhole fluid analysis and fluid acquisition no matter the environment: deep water, drillpipe conveyance, HPHT wells, and remote operations.

400-degF temperature rating for 100 operating hours
H₂S service

Extending the reliability, efficiency, and applicability of the industry-workhorse MDT tester to hostile environments while further minimizing operational risk

MDT Forte and MDT Forte-HT Rugged and high-temperature modular formation dynamics testers
The extensively qualified MDT Forte and MDT Forte-HT testers are a complete redesign and reengineering of the workhorse MDT modular formation dynamics tester for sampling and formation testing.

Fast HPHT gauge metrology performance as accurate as at standard conditions

The Axton dynamically compensated single quartz gauge in the testers provides your formation testing with an operating range to 410 degF and 31,500 psi. This fast-stabilizing single-crystal quartz gauge operates in dual-frequency mode to measure both temperature and pressure.

Using only a single crystal avoids the calibration mismatch that can occur when different crystals are used to measure pressure and temperature. The Axton gauge obtains accurate pressure data because it is temperature calibrated with data precisely measured by the same single quartz crystal. Accuracy and speed are further enhanced by using a single crystal because the time that conventional gauges require to completely temperature stabilize across two crystals is eliminated.


The extensively qualified MDT Forte and MDT Forte-HT testers extend the versatility of the industry-workhorse MDT modular formation dynamics tester to high-temperature well conditions.

Our reservoir evaluation experts meet with you to design the tester module arrangement and specify test procedures from the wide variety of productivity and permeability tests along with fluid extraction and sampling, usually achievable in a single run of the toolstring. We monitor in situ pressure and fluid measurements in real time to ensure that the job objectives are met. 

Our multidisciplinary interpretation experts then work with you as needed to leverage this powerful data, such as building predictive reservoir fluid models to determine compositional gradation and reservoir connectivity across the field.

Interpretation Services for MDT Forte and MDT Forte-HT Rugged and High-Temperature Modular Formation Dynamics Testers with the InSitu Fluid Analyzer System