Quicksilver Probe

Focused fluid extraction

Texture Fiber Blue

Focus your fluid sampling

No longer does obtaining clean, representative fluids require long pumping times, with their increased rig time, higher costs, and greater risk of downhole tool sticking. High pumping rates are not necessarily the answer—they can easily damage the formation.

Quicksilver Probe focused fluid extraction acquires reservoir fluids downhole with unprecedented purity in only a fraction of the time needed for conventional sampling and fluid characterization technique—even in oil-based mud.

350-degF temperature rating
20,000- and 30,000-psi pressure ratings

The fluid purity you need, in a fraction of the time.

Quicksilver Probe extraction compared to conventional sampling probe.
The top schematic shows a conventional sampling probe and a typical contamination-time plot. In the bottom schematic, filtrate-contaminated reservoir fluid is contained by the annular perimeter probe of Quicksilver Probe focused fluid extraction, while the center probe samples nearly contamination-free reservoir fluid in a fraction of the time required for conventional operations.

Quicker, cleaner, and quantified fluid extraction

By efficiently separating contaminated fluids from formation fluid early on, Quicksilver Probe extraction speeds your time to cleaner, purer fluid with minimal contamination. The dual concentric probes acquire samples in much less time than possible with traditional probe-type wireline formation testers.

The novel concentric probes divide fluid flow from the reservoir into two paths, with the central extraction area isolated from the surrounding “guard” area around the perimeter. Each probe is connected to an independent pump and separate flowline. The pumps run at different rates that exploit the filtrate/fluid viscosity contrast and permeability anisotropy of the reservoir.

The higher intake velocity created at the surrounding guard probe directs contaminated fluid into a preferential flowpath toward the perimeter, while the pure formation fluid drawn into the central extraction probe and flowline is available for fluid profiling and sampling. Spectroscopic analyzers determine the composition of the fluid in each flowline, and the pump rates can be adjusted as necessary to achieve and maintain the extracted fluid purity


Quicksilver Probe focused fluid extraction is deployed with the MDT modular formation dynamics tester to acquire low- to contamination-free formation fluid in a fraction of the time required for conventional fluid extraction. Our reservoir evaluation experts meet with you to design the tester configuration incorporating Quicksilver Probe extraction and specify procedures from the wide variety of available productivity and permeability tests along with fluid extraction and sampling, usually achievable in a single run of the toolstring.

Quicker fluid withdrawal with Quicksilver Probe focused extraction means more-representative samples for real-time downhole fluid analysis (DFA) and avoiding extended production testing. We monitor operations progress in real time to ensure that pressure testing, DFA, and sampling objectives are met.

Our multidisciplinary interpretation experts then work with you as needed to leverage this powerful fluid data, such as building predictive reservoir models to determine fluid compositional gradation and reservoir connectivity across the field.

Interpretation Services for MDT Modular Formation Dynamics Tester Configured with Quicksilver Probe Focused Fluid Extraction and the InSitu Fluid Analyzer System