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Autonomous Robotic Inspections | Video

Published: 04/26/2023

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Autonomous Robotic Inspections
Autonomous visual, thermal, and acoustic inspection expands your digital insight for achieving higher facility performance sustainably and securely.

Safety is always your primary priority. Whether the concern is equipment and processes, data quantification and interpretation, or reducing your carbon footprint, any misstep can adversely impact multiple aspects of your facility’s productivity and security.

Now, there’s an autonomous solution for inspection and collection of visual, thermal, and acoustic data, including hazardous atmosphere measurement.

Robotic deployments expand your digital insight while continuously informing your asset performance management system in real time with contextualized, quantified data.

And with AI and digital twins integrated within your asset performance management strategy, you’ll drive equipment and systems uptime and optimization to achieve higher facility performance sustainably and securely.

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