Evolve to Perform

Published: 04/29/2023

SLB Brand Art of an FPSO on the water with a ribbon of blue and white circling the top of the ship.
Evolve to Perform
Collaborate with an open coalition to accelerate the evolution of your FPSO design, build, and operations

 Achieving the performance you require from your FPSO is challenging, as ever-changing, fluctuating constraints keep you scrambling to adapt. That’s why it takes an open coalition informed by domain and OEM expertise to integrate digital solutions, chemistry, and process technologies; connected controls and automation; and digital measurement, data contextualization, and intelligent action across your FPSO’s life cycle.

To evolve FPSO design, build, and operation.

To accelerate time to first oil and gas, optimize production throughput, assure equipment performance, and lower your carbon footprint at scale.

Evolve without limitations, evolve without barriers.

Evolve to perform

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