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Drilling chokes in the field.

Cameron’s Silencer trim choke incorporates our leading multistage choke technology, applying proven tortuous path technology in a new, extremely effective way. Engineered using our Design for Six Sigma methods and extensive customer input, the Silencer trim choke provides outstanding noise, cavitation, and velocity reduction.

In throttling valves and chokes, noise sometimes indicates problems, often in the form of high velocity, vibration, and cavitation. The Silencer’s exclusive precision mechanism takes advantage of multiple tortuous pathways, each with a series of progressively larger restrictions to effectively control energy levels, regardless of choke stem position and fluid flow rate.

Cameron’s unique tortuous flow paths are the result of using computational fluid dynamics to simulate predicted flow velocities and examine the progressive pressure drops. Once we determined the optimum flow geometry, we put it to the ultimate test, using laser Doppler anemometry (LDA) technology to verify our predictions in trim under actual operating conditions.


  • Molecularly bonded stacked disks
  • Multiple tortuous paths for greater flow efficiency in fewer stages
  • Pressure-balanced plug that reduces valve operation forces
  • Range of characteristic curves for precise system control
  • Large porting to reduce risk of trim blockage
  • Solid tungsten carbide trim option for ultimate endurance
  • Unique tortuous flow path geometry
  • Outstanding noise reduction
  • Reduced erosion
Silencer Choke Valve