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Optiq Schlumberger Fiber-Optic Solutions Launched

Published: 08/19/2021

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HOUSTON, August 19, 2021—Schlumberger announced today the launch of Optiq* Schlumberger fiber-optic solutions, which deliver multidomain distributed sensing capabilities for a wide range of applications and environments across the energy industry. Optiq solutions provide continuous and instantaneous measurements, and when coupled with Schlumberger’s broad digital offering, deliver actionable insights leading to greater operational performance, efficiency, and reduced environmental impact.

“With our recent technological advancements, we have improved access to fiber-optic solutions, enabling the energy industry to harness the full power of this game-changing technology,” said Aparna Raman, president, Reservoir Performance, Schlumberger. “Optiq solutions are providing customers with greater subsurface understanding and improved production systems performance—all while reducing operational footprint and carbon intensity.”

Optiq solutions now span the full range of deployment options: permanently installed behind casing or on tubing, exiting through dry or subsea trees, along pipelines, and on to other midstream and downstream infrastructure; or temporarily deployed via Schlumberger fiber-optic coiled tubing, slickline, or wireline conveyances. Integrated with Schlumberger’s leading digital capabilities—including intelligent end-to-end workflows, edge processing, and cloud-native applications—Optiq solutions enable the large volumes of data associated with fiber-optic measurements to be processed up to 18 times quicker than current industry practices and unlock a range of applications from borehole seismic to production and stimulation monitoring, well integrity and leak detection. Customers can then leverage Schlumberger’s industry-leading domain expertise to act on insights faster.

Optiq solutions are represented within the Schlumberger Transition Technologies* portfolio, which helps customers minimize emissions and reduce energy consumption while simultaneously driving efficiency, reliability and performance. For example, the Optiq Seismic* fiber-optic borehole seismic solution reduces data acquisition time by up to 99%, significantly reducing associated energy consumption and carbon emissions. The Optiq Seismic solution has been used to acquire more than 70 vertical seismic profiles (VSPs) in more than 17 countries. In the Gulf of Mexico, the solution was used to record 3D VSPs in four producing wells, saving 88 days of acquisition time and reducing CO2e emissions by estimated 7,537 metric tons when compared to conventional methods.

Additionally, Optiq solutions are being used to improve subsurface understanding for carbon capture and storage and new energy applications such as optimizing geothermal energy production systems.

Learn more about Optiq Schlumberger fiber-optic solutions at www.slb.com/Optiq.

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