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Control Chokes

Industry standard in flow control technology

Control choke valves.

Cameron control choke provide precise flow control throughout their entire operating range, with a well-proven track record in the field.


  • Suitable for a wide variety of applications, including production, injection, artificial lift, flowback, and storage.
  • Commonly installed on production trees, manifolds, line heaters, offshore platforms, FPSOs, and other equipment, providing precise flow control under severe service conditions.
  • Available with plug & cage, external-sleeve, or multistage trim types.
  • Multiple flow characteristics, including linear, or equal percentage with special trim solutions available in response to specific challenges.
  • Special trim solutions include ultralow Cv, low noise, and well cleanup types.
  • Control chokes offer a complete solution from startup to late life conditions, with the flexibility to easily retrofit various trim types as conditions evolve.
  • Available in manual and actuated configurations, including multiple actuator types.
Control choke valves.

Choke sizing program

Selection of the correct trim size and type is vital to the successful and reliable operation of a choke. Cameron offers a computer-based choke sizing program to optimize choke sizing and selection for you.

Based on flow and pressure requirements of the application, the program analyzes and specifies the optimal choke size and trim configuration.

Features of the program include

  • capability to size a large number of chokes and flow conditions
  • modular sizing program structure that enables the addition of new choke and choke trim data updates as needed
  • graphics capabilities
  • project worksheet and Cv curve printouts
  • choke sizing per ANSI/ISA S75.01 specifications
  • flow testing per ANSI/ISA S75.02 specifications
  • noise prediction and testing per ANSI/ISA S75.07 specifications.