Digital Center of Excellence—Singapore

Published: 09/14/2022

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Digital Center of Excellence Singapore
Production performance improvement demands a transformational shift. Experience this transformation in real time at our Singapore Digital Center of Excellence.

What's keeping you up at night?

With today’s pressure of achieving production objectives, maximizing returns, and reducing your carbon footprint, getting the most out of your operations can be challenging. Performance improvement demands a transformational shift. Now you can experience this transformation in real time at our Singapore Digital Center of Excellence.

For over 100 years, Cameron has built a track record of developing, manufacturing, assembling, testing, and installing pressure and flow control equipment. Today, our research and development brings digital projects from concept to reality by integrating digitalization, electrification, and sensing advances into our proven technologies.

Unique to the industry is the center’s intelligent surface production system, a robust, electrified, and digitally enabled wellhead-and-tree system equipped with instrumentation, controls, and edge computing featuring proprietary event-detection algorithms and cloud gateways. The system is integrated with a flow loop to not only simulate but recreate real-field conditions, enabling you to test drive the equipment.

Our all-electric surface actuator is one example of the center’s technologies on the system. The actuator brings new levels of reliability and simplicity to remote valve actuation and equipment health monitoring.

Take proactive corrective action, from anywhere, in real time, to reduce downtime, risk, and operational costs.

The solutions developed in the Singapore Digital Center of Excellence are one more reason you can count on Cameron.

Make better decisions faster. Increase production revenue. And eliminate unnecessary trips for intervention or maintenance.

Beginning on Day One.

And continuing through the life of your asset. Solid foundations. Forward focus.

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