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DR20 and DR30

Gate and seat drilling chokes

Drilling chokes in the field.
DR20 Gate & Seat Drilling Choke 3D Model

The Cameron DR20 2-in gate and seat drilling choke and DR30 3-in gate and seat drilling choke control the pressure in the wellbore during drilling, circulate out any kicks of gas encountered during drilling, and prevent loss of well control by maintaining a satisfactory column of drilling mud.

With several options and configurations, Cameron drilling chokes provide proven performance within diverse drilling applications on a global scale. Working pressures of 10,000 to 15,000 psi are standard. Models up to 25,000 psi are also available.


  • Design includes reversible gate and seat components, allowing up to twice the service life of a normal nonreversible drilling choke trim.
  • Gate and seat trim design is highly blockage resistant, with the potential to perform a flushing stroke in the event of large solid material to flush through any debris and restore normal operation.
  • Controlling components (gate and seat) are made from solid tungsten carbide for maximum durability.
  • Chokes are available in manual and hydraulically actuated configurations.
  • Actuated configuration includes a pneumatic pressure-type position indicator as standard. A digital position sensor option is also available.
  • DR20 choke provides a 1.75-in-diameter orifice.
  • DR30 choke provides a 3.00-in-diameter orifice.