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Wellhead Control Panels

Sequenced well control for multiple wellhead valve configurations and types

Wellhead Control Panels

Comprehensive control panels and safety sytems

Cameron offers systems for control of surface, topside, and subsea trees. These wellhead control panels and surface safety systems feature quality design and include premier components. Cameron safety controls systems are designed to shut in a flowline in the event of abnormal conditions, malfunction, or irregularity.

Actuator holds pressures up to 6,000 psi [413.7 bar]
API, ISO, ABS, USCG, ATEX, CSA, FM, and GOST certifications where required
Wellhead control panel

High-quality components

  • Stainless steel 316, NEMA 4X enclosures with integrated hydraulic reservoirs
  • Sequenced well shut-in to control wing surface safety valves (WSSVs), master surface safety valves (MSSVs), and surface-controlled subsurface safety valves (SCSSVs) with user-set valve close times
  • Integrated push-to-charge, pull-to-shut-in emergency shutdown (ESD) with fusible loop element to start the well shut-in sequence
  • High- and low-pressure flowline sensing for automatic well control
  • Easy-to-read, panel-mounted gauges to display well and system pressures
  • Electric, pneumatic, and hydraulic pump selections to fit available site power
  • Options for redundant flowline pressure and sand detection probe
  • Control components for pneumatic, hydraulic, or electric ESD and actuator controls
  • Availability of full language translation for operating, maintenance, and data tagging