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Sucker Rods and Couplings

Improve lifetime rod lift performance with maximum quality manufacturing from Schlumberger

A set of finished couplings from the manufacturing plant.

High-quality sucker rods and pony rods

Schlumberger sucker rods are available in 25- and 30-ft lengths. Pony rods are available in lengths of 2, 4, 6, 8, and 10 ft. Rods are manufactured, heat-treated, and tested at a facility that follows our stringent quality assurance procedures. They exceed the requirements for API Spec 11B certification for applicable grades.

Sucker rods are used in multiple artificial lift applications, including rod lift and progressing cavity pumps (PCPs). You can choose among several certified materials—depending on both the depth and corrosion level of your well—to best fit your application.

For applications in particularly harsh conditions, you can also rely on our highly corrosion- and abrasion-resistant coatings for D-Alloy (DA) and H-Alloy (HA) rods.

Schlumberger Rods and Couplings
Enhance your pump lifetime with quality manufacturing
Coupling being heated and applied a corrosion-resistant coating

Corrosion- and Abrasion-Resistant Rod Coatings

Field-proven tungsten alloy coatings enhance resistance of DA and HA rods to corrosion and wear while extending fatigue life, even at high temperatures.

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Load and corrosion performance of API Spec 11B sucker rod grade K, DA, DS, HA, and HS materials.
Which sucker rod is best for my application? Schlumberger sucker rods are designed to meet API Spec 11B requirements and material grades for a variety of well conditions and loads.
Load and corrosion performance of API Spec 11B sucker rod grade K, DA, DS, HA, and HS materials.

Couplings for rod pumps and PCPs

Schlumberger provides subcouplings, polished rod couplings (to connect a sucker rod and a polished rod), sucker rod couplings (to connect two sucker rods), and couplings for progressing cavity pumps (PCPs). Several grades are available to cover a wide range of applications.

Which Coupler is Best for My Application?

Coupler  Application
Grade T General well conditions 
Grade SM Applications with high side loads, or wells with abrasive conditions
Grade UHS High-torque applications such as PCPs
Grade UHSSM High-torque applications such as PCPs in corrosive or abrasive wells