Schlumberger Rods and Couplings | Video | Schlumberger

Schlumberger Rods and Couplings | Video

Enhance your pump lifetime with quality manufacturing

Schlumberger Rods and Couplings
Enhance your pump lifetime with quality manufacturing

When you specify Schlumberger rods and couplings, you know you’ll get the highest quality and service. Manufactured in a facility certified for API Specifications, our products met or exceed minimum requirements for the oil and gas industry.

We manufacture all sizes of API-certified sucker rods, pony rods, and couplings. Our sucker rod manufacturing facility is automated with modern, state-of-the-art equipment. The process begins with shot-blasting the rods clean before passing them through our 10-head roller-straightener, which is capable of straightening rods to within half a millimeter per meter. The rods are then inspected in a custom eddy-current inspection machine, which can detect defects less than one-tenth of a millimeter in depth, before forging. We use a robotic forge to ensure consistent quality in our normalized-and-tempered rods. After forging, the rods then undergo magnetic particle inspection to check for overlaps or folds on the pin ends.

After shot peening, the rods are cold-roll threaded, a process that creates stronger threads as compared with conventional thread cutting. Finally, 100% of all rods go through our state-of-the-art, custom-made total indicator runout machine, which measures the straightness of the rod body and pin ends with lasers. Any rejected parts are marked and kicked out automatically separated from the parts that pass qualification. In addition to the rods, we manufacture a full line of API-certified couplings in all sizes and grades, including special application couplings such as ultrahigh-strength couplings for progressing cavity pumps. Our coupling line is automated with robots to ensure consistent quality.

The surface of the spray-metal coupling is hardened and remelted to achieve wear and corrosion resistance. After cold-rolled threading, the couplings are inspected and transferred to the phosphating line and oil-coated to preserve them during extended storage. Finally, each coupling is laser etched for traceability, giving you peace of mind that your equipment meets Schlumberger standards.

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