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Turbodrilling systems

Neyrfor turbodrilling systems.
Neyrfor turbodrilling systems.

High-power turbodriling efficiency in harsh environments

Neyrfor™ turbodrilling systems outperform other drive systems by delivering significantly greater mechanical drilling power downhole. Specifically engineered to excel in high-temperature geothermal wells and the toughest, most abrasive formations, they provide premium borehole quality. Their design incorporates a fully concentric drive-train rotation, ensuring sustained optimal power during drilling and the capability to handle excessive loads over extended periods.

Maximizing wellbore value

Neyrfor systems deliver consistent predictable toolface control and stabilization, ensuring that hole spiraling and microdoglegs are minimized. This enables customers to steer into fracture zones in geothermal wells with greater accuracy. By rotating the drive shaft at a higher speed while remaining dynamically stable, Neyrfor turbodrilling systems produce unsurpassed ROP without the negative effects of excess torque. The internal cavity of Neyrfor turbine systems have been optimized to enable additional stages for increased power output in hard rock drilling applications. Neyrfor systems also offer several blade designs that are customizable for specific environments.

Computer simulation output showing an uneven borehole drilled with a motor compared with the smoothness of one drilled with a turbodrill
Representation of borehole drilled with a positive displacement motor (left) compared with that drilled with a turbodrill (right).

For straight-hole applications, these turbodrilling systems act as natural dropping pendulum assemblies in rotary mode, which produces higher quality wellbores in less time than conventional BHAs. In directional drilling applications, the systems provide consistent predictable tool face control and stabilization to ensure that hole spiraling and microdoglegs are minimized.

  • High-temperature environments up to 500 degF [260 degC], including geothermal wells
  • Abrasive and hard rock formations
  • Vertical and directional drilling applications
  • Formations drillable with PDC and diamond impregnated bits
Neyrfor turbodrilling systems.

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