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Permian Basin Operator Achieves 24-h Drilling Record

Published: 06/12/2020

Concrete blue texture
Axe SR scribe-ridged diamond elements helped a Permian Basin operator achieve a record for footage drilled in one day.
Using an Axe SR scribe-ridged diamond element and a PowerDrive Orbit rotary steerable system, the operator drilled 6,183 ft in 24 h, accomplishing a new record. The unique scribe shape of the Axe SR elements significantly improves ridged-element cutting efficiency.
Permian Basin, United States, North America, Onshore

Salt, limestone, and sandstone

Bit diameter, in
9 7/8

Hole size, in
9 7/8

Footage drilled in one run, ft


A Permian Basin operator sought a durable solution to increase ROP in the top part of a vertical intermediate section consisting of mainly salt. The second half of the section is highly interbedded limestone and sandstone. An operator had accomplished a previous record drilling 4,500 ft in 24 h in a nearby offset well with a conventional bit. Following a best-in-class performance using the AxeBlade ridged diamond element bit, which achieved 5,280 ft in 24 h, the operator wanted to further improve the performance.

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