Permian Basin Operator Achieves 24-h Drilling Record | Schlumberger
Tech Report
Permian Basin, United States, North America, Onshore

Salt, limestone, and sandstone

Bit diameter, in
9 7/8

Hole size, in
9 7/8

Footage drilled in one run, ft


A Permian Basin operator sought a durable solution to increase ROP in the top part of a vertical intermediate section consisting of mainly salt. The second half of the section is highly interbedded limestone and sandstone. An operator had accomplished a previous record drilling 4,500 ft in 24 h in a nearby offset well with a conventional bit. Following a best-in-class performance using the AxeBlade ridged diamond element bit, which achieved 5,280 ft in 24 h, the operator wanted to further improve the performance.

Products Used

Permian Basin Operator Achieves 24-h Drilling Record

Axe SR scribe-ridged diamond elements drill 6,183 ft in one day

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Using an Axe SR scribe-ridged diamond element and a PowerDrive Orbit rotary steerable system, the operator drilled 6,183 ft in 24 h, accomplishing a new record. The unique scribe shape of the Axe SR elements significantly improves ridged-element cutting efficiency.
Products Used

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