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Vertical drilling rotary steerable system

Sunset at a west Texas drilling site

Reliable and efficient solution for vertical drilling applications

PowerV RSS provides cost-efficient drilling while automatically and continuously maintaining a vertical wellbore. The fully rotating system improves hole cleaning efficiency and wellbore quality in vertical wells, reducing risk of costly correction runs. With the PowerV RSS, the potential for lost-in-hole incidents and mechanical and differential sticking is minimized. Its high rpm capacity makes it suitable for the PowerDrive vorteX RSS configuration.

Wide operating range for ultimate adaptability

The PowerV RSS actively and automatically steers the well path downward while drilling, regardless of the azimuth of any inclination present. Once verticality is achieved, any tendency to build angle is automatically corrected downhole. The automatic steering control requires minimal supervision from surface and needs no MWD system to function. There is no need for dedicated rigsite supervision, lowering potential HSE risks. If direction and inclination monitoring is critical, an MWD tool can be added to the BHA. The PowerV RSS can be adapted to run on almost any rig. It covers most hole sizes and is a perfect application for hard formation and formations with a high dip angle.

An illustration showing two wells, one that deviates unintentionally from vertical, while the other, drilled using the PowerV RSS, is straight
Illustration of a simplified and shortened BHA incorporating at PowerV RSS and PDC bit


  • Maintains vertical wellbore automatically, eliminating potential for costly correction runs 
  • Requires minimal or no rig-site supervision or interaction 
  • Provides an optimal drilling solution using surface power, downhole power, or both 
  • Minimizes the potential for lost-in-hole incidents and provides effective hole cleaning because everything rotates 
  • Poses no interference to normal drilling practices and permits reaming, backreaming, and shoe drillout
  • Runs independently of MWD systems, if required 

Target applications: Efficient vertical drilling in one run
Maximum pressure: 20,000 psi [138 MPa]
Maximum temperature: 302 degF [150 degC]
Vertical drilling system