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PowerDrive vorteX

Powered rotary steerable system

Illustrating higher bit RPMs in the horizontal section of a well as a result of adding a drilling motor to a PowerDrive vorteX RSS BHA

The PowerDrive vorteX RSS enables drilling with increased ROP, maximizes power at the bit to drill longer runs, and increases the rig’s operating envelope. Its rotation conditions the hole while drilling and is proven to reduce risk of sticking, casing wear, and drillstring fatigue.

Power section for maximized drilling efficiency

The system’s fully integrated power section converts mud hydraulic power to mechanical energy, maximizing the power to drill hard formations. 

Multiple stabilization options for high-performance directional drilling

The PowerDrive vorteX RSS is compatible with an autosteering feature and hold function to enable drilling tangent or horizontal sections automatically, delivering higher accuracy and ROP. This enables drilling a hold section at a higher ROP and with greater accuracy compared with a conventional setup operated from the surface.

A colorful collage that includes a rendering of a PowerDrive vorteX BHA, a seismic image, and 3d well trajectories
The integrated power section of the PowerDrive vorteX RSS enables drilling with a higher rpm and maximizes power at the bit to drill longer runs while reducing vibration and drag.
A simplified side-view rendering of a shortened PowerDrive vorteX RSS BHA, including the DynaForce drilling motor
A Schlumberger field technician at a rigsite verifies specifications on a PowerDrive vorteX RSS

Improve directional performance & drilling efficiency

Delivering high ROP in hard-rock drilling applications, the RSS bearing package and transmission section are specifically designed for high operating loads, ensuring reliable, consistent performance during runs. The PowerDrive vorteX system has an inclination hold function that allows a tangent or horizontal section to be drilled automatically without intervention from the directional driller.


  • Performance drilling 
  • Extended-reach drilling
  • Hard, troublesome, and unstable formations


  • Reduced rig time and drilling costs 
  • Increased operating envelope for rigs with low torque capacity
  • Reduced vibration and risk of casing wear
  • High-quality boreholes
  • Minimized stick/slip and shock and vibration
  • Integrated power section
  • Additional bit rpm
  • Near-bit directional measurements
  • Full reaming and backreaming capability
  • Optional autosteering feature

Vertical, curve, and lateral sections
Rated for pressures up to 20,000 psi
20,000 rpm maximum 
Available tool sizes: 475, 675, 825, 900, and 1100
302-degF maximum temperature 
PowerDrive vorteX
Powered rotary steerable system