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PowerDrive ICE


A Schlumberger technician working on the internal components of a PowerDrive ICE RSS

Expand the limits of what's possible

The PowerDrive ICE ultraHT RSS makes advanced drilling a reality—even at 200 degC—bringing the benefits of a fully rotating system to ultraHT wells. Its ultraHT-rated proprietary electronics are ruggedized for extreme conditions to ensure reliable, uninterrupted performance. While nonHT-rated electronics can fail after just 6 hours at temperatures exceeding 200 degC, the PowerDrive ICE system has been verified to

  • 2,000 hours at temperatures exceeding 200 degC
  • 35,000 hours at 200 degC
  • 2 million shocks at 200 degC.

Proprietary ultraHT-rated electronics

To bring the advantages of the PowerDrive rotary steerable systems and TeleScope MWD services to ultrahigh-temperature reservoirs, Schlumberger revolutionized the process for manufacturing the ceramic components used in modern electronics. The result: multichip modules mounted on a ceramic substrate and hermetically sealed in inert gas, ready for the rigors of downhole use. 

Two RSS circuit boards before-and-after exposure to high heat. The PowerDrive ICE circuit board is undamaged. Two RSS circuit boards before-and-after exposure to high heat. The PowerDrive ICE circuit board is undamaged.
A simplified side-view rendering of a shortened BHA incorporating a PowerDrive ICE RSS and a PDC bit


  • Reduces cost by eliminating trips
  • Saves time by eliminating staging procedure
  • Optimizes drilling performance and enhances hole quality
  • Can be rerun even after being exposed to high temperatures
  • Innovative pad actuation design with metal-to-metal seals
  • Automatic hold inclination and azimuth capability
  • UltraHPHT BHA when run with TeleScope ICE ultraHT MWD service

Target applications: Drilling of complex 3D ultraHPHT wells
Maximum pressure: 30,000 psi [207 MPa]
Maximum rotational speed: 350 rpm
Maximum temperature: 392 degF [200 degC]
The bit-end of a PowerDrive ICE RSS as it is reviewed by a Schlumberger field technician

Optimal trajectory without compromise

By increasing performance in extreme environments, the PowerDrive ICE RSS eliminates the need for special operating procedures. Drillers can unlock the production potential of ultraHT reservoirs with improved well trajectory while saving rig time and operating cost.

High-density data for precision drilling

The PowerDrive ICE ultraHT RSS steers automatically and provides precise directional control. It combines with the TeleScope ICE ultraHT measurements-while-drilling service to form the first BHA specifically designed to operate at 200 degC. High-density data enables real-time drilling optimization and well placement and effective targeting of productive zones, leading to maximized ROP.

ICE UltraHT Drilling Services
Accurately and efficiently reach targets in ultrahigh-temperature reservoirs.