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TeleScope ICE

Ultrahigh-temperature measurement-while-drilling service

TeleScope ICE UltraHT MWD Service

Designed with proprietary ultraHT-rated electronics ruggedized for extreme downhole conditions, the TeleScope ICE service provides critical information for real-time drilling optimization and well placement.

Position your ultraHT well with precision

The TeleScope ICE service helps you geosteer accurately and mitigate drilling risk in HT and ultraHT reservoirs by providing azimuthal gamma ray, continuous direction and inclination, and annular pressure. This service maximizes the amount of information available and optimizes well trajectory in real time to effectively target productive zones.

Reduce well construction time and cost

Receiving real-time measurement from the TeleScope ICE service improves well placement and reduces well construction costs. Using the TeleScope ICE service to drill in HT and ultraHT reservoirs eliminates the need for a BHA trip to remove standard measurement tools from the drillstring and a gyro run to determine the location of the wellbore after drilling without measurements.

The proprietary electronics in the TeleScope ICE service are verified to 200 degC [392 degF] and 2,000,000 shocks for 35,000 hours. The MWD service is also turbine-powered, which eliminates trips to replace batteries.

TeleScope ICE UltraHT MWD Service

The TeleScope ICE ultraHT MWD service reliably transmits survey and formation evaluation data at high speed in harsh drilling environments.

ICE UltraHT Drilling Services
Accurately and efficiently reach targets in ultrahigh-temperature reservoirs.