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Orion II

Data compression platform

Orion II Data Compression Platform

High-resolution data transmission for MWD and LWD tools

The Orion II data compression platform enables transmission of more high-quality real-time MWD and LWD data to surface while drilling long and deep wellbores at fast penetration rates. The delivery of real-time data can inform drilling and well placement decisions at critical moments, improving directional control and reducing risk.

At a given physical telemetry rate, the Orion II platform uses advanced compression algorithms and signal modulation methods to push mud pulse signals further—enabling up to 60 curves at 2 data points per foot at a drilling speed of 250 ft/h.

Noise elimination with signal digitized at its source

At the surface, the Orion II platform's high-quality sensors eliminate electrical noise and demodulate weaker signals at high telemetry rates for enhanced data quality. It also enables sending faster commands in real time while drilling. 

Extended-reach and ultradeepwater applications

Higher transmission speeds provided by the telemetry platform also contribute to increased well accuracy and downhole tool control while drilling extended-reach and ultradeepwater wells. In the longest well ever drilled—over 40,000 ft—the Orion II platform’s downhole signal modulation methods pushed physical mud pulse telemetry further, delivering rates of 4 bps for 38,200 ft and 2 bps from that depth to TD.

Orion II Data Compression Platform