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High-speed telemetry-while-drilling service

TeleScope High-Speed Telemetry-While-Drilling Service

High-speed measurements while drilling

The TeleScope high-speed telemetry-while-drilling service provides electrical power for, and transmits data from, other downhole measurement services at rates up to 4 times faster than the industry standard. Using the Orion II data compression platform to increase the rate of data transmission, the TeleScope service delivers information to optimize well placement, improve drilling efficiency, reduce risk, and ultimately increase production.

Transmitting data from multiple tools

The TeleScope service transmits measurements and data from multiple tools, delivering comprehensive downhole information that reduces drilling risks and improves drilling efficiency. Internal electronic boards are mounted in a rugged chassis built to withstand extreme shock and vibration. Downhole components are designed for operations at high temperatures and pressures. In wells where pore pressure knowledge is crucial, the TeleScope service can be combined with the StethoScope formation pressure-while-drilling service to optimize mud-weight selection.

TeleScope High-Speed Telemetry-While-Drilling Service

Maximizing real-time information for detailed logging

The service's design maximizes the amount of real-time information from other downhole measurement services to log borehole sections in greater detail. Combining TeleScope service technology with the EcoScope multifunction LWD service provides real-time formation evaluation data to optimize reservoir characterization.

Completing wells on target—in less time

Combining accurate static and continuous directional and inclination measurements with formation evaluation data makes it possible to land wells on target in less time.