Operator Uses PowerDrive Orbit RSS to Drill Record Lateral in North America

Published: 11/09/2017

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PowerDrive Orbit RSS and TeleScope Service Breaks World Record for Longest Lateral in a Single Bit Run - Operator exceeds previous world record by 303 ft and improves
The 19,391-ft [5,910-m] lateral section was drilled in a single run with a drill time of 104 hours of on-bottom drill time and wiper trips. Drilling at an average ROP of 186.5 ft/h [56.7 m/h], the PowerDrive Orbit RSS minimized tortuosity because of its hold inclination and azimuth capability.
Appalachian Basin, Utica Shale, United States, North America, Onshore

8 1/2 in
Lateral depth
19,391 ft [5,910 m]
27,740 ft [8,455 m]
Drilling time
104 h
186 ft/h [56.7 m/h]


An operator planned an onshore extended lateral well in the Appalachian basin located in Guernsey County, Ohio. The goal was to drill an 8 1/2-in wellbore through the unconventional Utica Shale in a single run with minimum tortuosity. Schlumberger recommended using the PowerDrive Orbit RSS in the PowerDrive vorteX powered RSS configuration. The recommendation also included using the TeleScope high-speed telemetry-while-drilling service.

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