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NeoSteer CL

Curve and lateral at-bit steerable system

closeup of NeoSteer CL At-Bit Rotary System

The NeoSteer CL™ curve and lateral at-bit steerable system (ABSS) is purpose-built for efficiently navigating both the curve and lateral in a single run, outperforming traditional methods that require multiple trips. It excels in achieving rapid build rates, boosting on-bottom drilling speed, and extending lateral lengths. In scenarios where the vertical, curve, and lateral sections are the same hole sizes, the NeoSteer CL system reduces nonproductive time by removing the need to switch out the bottomhole assembly (BHA) for each section while reducing CO2 emissions on every project.

The NeoSteer CL system provides six-axis continuous inclination and azimuth measurements alongside automatic trajectory control, ensuring precise well placement in shale and unconventional wells. Its multiaxial component facilitates automatic hold inclination and azimuth (HIA) measurements to enhance well positioning accuracy. This, combined with its self-steering capabilities, facilitates smooth tangents with minimized tortuosity. Additionally, near-bit extended-range gamma ray measurements offer extra well positioning data for improved real-time decision making.

The NeoSteer CL system can be configured with an onboard azimuthal image gamma ray cartridge to improve in-zone percentage and enable steering within the reservoir sweet spot. Placed just 6 ft behind the cutting structure, the azimuthal gamma ray cartridge enables the ABSS to detect lithology changes sooner, allowing for immediate steering adjustments.

  • Pad and batch drilling operations
  • Horizontal wells with long lateral sections
  • Wells requiring high build rates and dogleg severity (DLS)
  • Unconventional wells
  • Enables single-run drilling of vertical, curve, and lateral sections with a single BHA
  • Achieves high build rates and long lateral length requirements
  • Increases leverage of force applied to bit by placing pistons with the cutting structure
  • Improves control and reaction time
  • Delivers a high-quality wellbore
  • Application-specific PDC bit design
  • Nonmagnetic steering unit body
  • Dual hydraulically activated pistons
  • Inclination and azimuth closed loops to provide advanced automated tangent control
  • Proprietary high-endurance-strength connector
  • Near-bit measurements including:
    • Inclination
    • Azimuthal
    • Gamma ray
    • Azimuthal gamma ray
    • High-definition (HD) surveying
The NeoSteer CL system’s metal-to-metal hydraulic seals to reduce erosion and improve hydraulic performance.
The NeoSteer CL curve and lateral at-bit steerable system enables operators to drill the curve and lateral in a faster single run, reducing drilling time and minimizing carbon emissions.