Accurate well placement from FlairFlex service | SLB

Surface fluid logging found sizable oil reserves in mature field

Algeria, Africa, Onshore

The FlairFlex™ advanced real-time fluid logging and analysis service continuously logged fluid data, which improved downhole sampling decisions. Integrating data from the FlairFlex service with data from other formation evaluation techniques provided a more accurate picture of hydrocarbons in the formation.

The Algerian operator Groupement Berkine is a Sonatrach and Oxy joint venture is producing in the TAGI Formation. Water and gas injection were used for pressure maintenance and sweep efficiency in the sandstone, shale, and mud rock formation. Remapping reservoir fluid content and new contacts were the most important objectives in pursuit of optimized well productivity. Wireline logs and formation testing data were widely used in the past. To remap the reservoir, the plan was to capture data in real time with FlairFlex service and combine the data with wireline logs for accurate well characterization.

The joint venture operators used the SLB FlairFlex advanced real-time fluid logging and analysis service to evaluate the mature formation at the surface while drilling. Capturing the data in real time increased the accuracy of hydrocarbon amounts and locations to enable precision geosteering directional drilling plans and well placement. The FlairFlex service delivered hydrocarbon data faster through continuous fluid data reinforced with wireline downhole fluid analysis. Substantial amounts of hydrocarbons were identified that were previously classified as a water. The FlairFlex service reduced rig time and NPT and mapped substantial reserves of oil and gas.

Graph log shows FlairFlex service readings of depth, resistivity, sonic, and open hole activity.
The FlairFlex service reported hydrocarbon data through continuous fluid readings reinforced with wireline downhole analysis.
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