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Wireless telemetry

composition of sensors

Bidirectional command and control between surface and downhole—wirelessly

Muzic wireless telemetry is the industry’s fastest, most advanced system for achieving real-time bidirectional communication between surface and downhole. Data monitoring and tool control are provided through an acoustic signal that is digitized and transmitted across the toolstring using a network of repeaters.

An extensive track record verifies Muzic wireless telemetry’s reliable performance in maintaining high data transmission density across packers, screens, valves, jet pumps, and gravel packs.

Real-time interaction and data readout

Employed for downhole reservoir testing and perforating operations, Muzic wireless telemetry enables direct interaction with downhole tools, management of wellbore events, and refining operations in real time. Real-time data provision during reservoir testing makes it possible to modify the test design during the test to make sure you have all the data needed to meet test objectives before the end of the test.

Muzic wireless telemetry

Maintain bidirectional downhole communication in challenging well environments.

Muzic Aeon premium-performance wireless telemetry

High-pressure and -temperature conditions are no barrier to using Muzic wireless telemetry in your wells. Muzic Aeon telemetry incorporates the latest 100% ceramic multichip module (MCM) technology to lower power consumption, enhance reliability, and increase the high-frequency bandwidth.

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Muzic Aeon premium-performance wireless telemetry
Muzic Aeon wireless telemetry incorporates 100% ceramic multichip module (MCM) technology.