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Bringing New Levels of Flexibility to Well Testing Operations

Published: 10/01/2020

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Dynamic reservoir data are a key enabler for oil and gas operators to prove reserves and maximize hydrocarbon recovery. However, traditional well testing approaches, where a job is planned, executed and interpreted in a linear fashion, can limit operators from obtaining the optimal amount of data during the well test. Furthermore, this approach is inefficient and rigid, significantly increasing the time operators spend between acquiring data and making key field development decisions.

For many decades, the linear well testing approach remained unchanged until the introduction of wireless telemetry about 10 years ago. Wireless telemetry enables acoustic data to be transmitted across downhole repeaters from the downhole gauges to surface in real time. Prior to this innovation, the only way to gather real-time data was through a wireline deployment during the drillstem test (DST), which increases risk and cost.

While wireless telemetry, combined with a conventional DST tool string, enabled some data acquisition flexibility for real-time data interpretation, it stopped short of providing operators with the ability to acquire dynamic data for making actionable field development decisions in real time. To achieve this, operators needed a way to enhance the flexibility of well testing operations by increasing the control of the downhole tool string.

To improve performance during well testing operations, Schlumberger has released the Symphony live downhole reservoir testing platform. This platform enables operators to position, isolate, connect, measure, control, sample, select and profile the reservoir with a digital tool string wirelessly and in real time.

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This article originally appeared in the October 2020 issue of E&P Plus.

Carlos Merino and Bryan Zimdars, Schlumberger
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