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High-temperature downhole reservoir testing system

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Single-trip reservoir testing up to 410 degF that combines four leading technologies

The Quartet-HT high-temperature downhole reservoir testing system brings new reliability and efficiencies to HT downhole testing. The integration of 100% quartz measurement sensors, all-ceramic multichip module electronics, and multicycle operational flexibility enables you to accurately characterize your reservoir in a single trip. 

Additional efficiencies for HT operations are delivered by

  • no drill collars or slip joints
  • fewer seals and connections
  • shorter string design
  • less nitrogen
  • lower operating pressure
  • premium connections.

Combining four leading downhole tools for reservoir-representative samples at ultrahigh temperatures

Isolate with CERTIS high-integrity reservoir test isolation system

CERTIS high-integrity reservoir test isolation system

The CERTIS system combines many features of a conventional retrievable packer with those of a permanent production packer, including a built-in floating seal assembly that eliminates the need for drill collars and slip joints. No string manipulation is required for setting—just apply annulus pressure to activate the hydraulic setting mechanism. At the end of the test, a straight pull releases the packer and then reopens the bypass to eliminate swabbing when coming out of the well.

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Control with IRDV intelligent remote dual valve

IRDV intelligent remote dual valve

The IRDV dual valve combines a tester valve and a circulating valve that can be cycled independently or in sequence for efficient, nitrogen-free multicycle operations. Both valves can be operated with a single command that is immune to downhole pressure and temperature and easily applied with low-intensity annular pulses.

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Measure with Signature quartz gauges

Signature quartz gauge

With 100% ceramic-based electronics and proprietary long-life batteries, Signature gauges acquire high-quality pressure data for the entire test duration.

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Sample with SCAR inline independent reservoir fluid sampling

SCAR inline independent reservoir fluid sampling

SCAR sampling captures representative fluid samples from deep within the reservoir. Collection directly in the flow stream eliminates contamination caused by dead volumes.

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