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Inline independent reservoir fluid sampling

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Eliminate sample contamination

SCAR inline independent reservoir fluid sampling delivers contaminant-free fluid samples from deep within the formation. SCAR sampling is a complete approach, designed to capture reservoir fluid samples more safely and reliably. Either individually or sequentially, fluid samples come directly from within the flow stream to eliminate dead-volume contamination.

Full chain of custody maintained from collection to analysis then ensures that the fluid samples we collect on site are the ones we analyze.

SCAR inline indépendant reservoir fluid sampling

Clean, reservoir-representative single-phase samples to be certain.

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Sample safer and more reliably

Sample integrity and operational safety are all too easily compromised by using single large nitrogen charges. SCAR sampling has small, independent gas charges—with 90% less nitrogen than conventional samplers—to ensure each individual sample remains at or above reservoir pressure. Nonreactive sample chambers also ensure that trace elements are retained.

Run SCAR sampling as part of the Quartet downhole reservoir testing system to experience an altogether higher-performance reservoir test.